Rowing Technique Camp – Vienna (Austria)

250,00  inkl. Ust. / incl. VAT

The Aramtraining rowing technique weekend

Friday to Sunday, 4 very focused rowing sessions with professional coaching and post video analysis

October 27th – October 29th, 2017

Vienna, Austria



This weekend is tailored to give you precise insights on how to improve your efficiency in rowing. This is all about your rowing technique.

Session by session, we work on your individual rowing style, and its effect on the boat speed. Frequent video analysis session help you to understand better, how your changes improve the boat speed and your capability to perform.

T h e   f a c t s


15:00 – first training session on the water, followed by a video analysis

08:00 – session #2 on the water
15:00 – session #3, again on the water, again a video analysis right afterwards

08:00 – session #4 on the water, followed by the final video analysis



Ruder-Leistungszentrum Wien
1220 Wien


Languages spoken

English, German


Boat supply
Bring your own boat, if needed, we help you to arrange a rental boat. Please contact us as early as possible via



Hotels nearby are as follows:

Hilton Vienna Danube

Lenas Donau

Asperner Löwe

There are many more hotels, these are the ones within 10-15 minutes of driving distance


Important notice

You must park with your car on the mainland. Crossing the bridge (Steinspornbrücke) onto the island is strictly prohibited by the Vienna City Administration.