What makes them so smooth and fast?


Have you watched a race, and looked at the leader, asking yourself: what makes them so much better than the rest?

This race is a great example. Analysis of the (Australian) Men’s four (M4-) at the World Championships 2017.



How to set a new world best time in style


It was the first World Cup of the season 2017. Robert Manson put in a performance that was more than remarkable – it was outstanding. For him, winning the race was not enought, he wanted to show what he is capable of. This mentality is precisely what it takes to…

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The heart of a racer


This video is all about the Men’s pair at the World Championships 2017. The Sinkovic brothers had made their transition from the double into the pair – successfully – and the Italians are simply phaenomenal racers.

This video is about technique, specifically speaking of the unique requirements when rowing a pair, and why we love rowing: the racing.


Learn from Lightweights


This video is all about understanding how to move a boat as efficiently as possible. Lightweights can teach us a good deal of that.

How tall do you have to be to become open weight worldchampion?


Jeannine Gmelin wins gold in the open weight woman’s single at the world championships in Floriday 2017.

Interesting fact: Gmelin is roughly 20cm smaller than the silver medalist. I grew up in an environment where a rower had to be “tall” to be able to win. Gmelin is a perfect example that every body size needs its dedicated rowing technique.

Moving the boat


Do not focus on moving together in the boat. Focus on moving the boat together. It is your influence on the boat that needs to be synchronized, not the optics.


Aram Lemmerer