He showed me that things can be and must be done differently if I want to excel


I’m a rowing club head coach, and also coach of some national team boats and athletes.

My coaching style and my approach differs form my fellow coaches in my country. I get this “feedback” from them a lot… so it must be true.
But the results of my athletes and my progression as a coach are proof that it’s a good way.

I was taught like any other athlete and coach the “proper” way to do things, in my country, but my view changed a lot since I began. And I can define one moment that had a very important impact, and helped me finding my way of doing things, my way to success.

That moment was when I began working with Aram on effective rowing techique in 2011. His approach to every aspect of the preparation of a rower was singificantly different from those whom I have learnt from previously. He showed me that things can be done differntly, and must be done differently if one wants to excel.

Since then I look at Aram as my mentor, who pushed me to start building success for my athletes, and also myself. Since 2011 much time has passed, and this way of doing things has resulted in recognition I have not expected in the beginning, even from those who told me previously that this way is not going to work or even tried to hold me back.

Now I have a very clear idea of what I work towards and what my goals are, a greater understandig of myself and the people I work with. But Aram reamins a fixed point for me, beacause sometimes even experienced and successful people lose momentum, and then they need advice.
I often recieve inputs from him that I know are of quality, and that they can be relied on every time.

A friend…

Attila Lorincz

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