Questions on boat set-up and gearing


Robert asks:

Hi Aram.
What you think about the boat and blades setting?
Do you prefer longer blades and bigger span and outboard or shorter blades and other positions too? Especially for the girls.
I have some table Im using to calculate the best setting but as you know each of options has positives and negative side. In Poland girls row on long blades 288-290cm. Span 160 inboard 89-90cm
Here my friends prefer much shorter blades.
What you think?

Interesting what you write here. Personally, I always look at the physiognomy and anthropometrics of the athlete


# shoulder width

# arm length

# leg length

# back strength

# injuries

# mobility of the back

# stiffness of the shaft

# endurance type or raw power type of athlete

# type of boat / boat class


I have a neutral set-up, which is 288 / 88 and a spread of 158 – 160, depending on shoulder width. For the neutral set-up I take front wing aluminum or standard riggers, normal oar stiffness and standard blades.


From this point on, I reduce or enhance.


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