I do not believe in early talent – I believe in consistency


I do not believe in early talent – I believe in consistency
In many sports, the so called “talents” are simply accelerated developers. These are children or teenagers, who start to develop into physical adults a bit earlier than their fellow agers. Just have a look at a typical classroom of 12, 13, or 14 year-olds. You’ll find everything there, from child-like baby faces to guys with beards and muscles, even some 18 year-olds would love to have.
Retarded devlopers simply start to become physical adults a bit later, which also means that their raw power increases later, along with plenty other physical factors.

Naturally, if accelerated developers compete against retarded developers, the accelerated ones are likely to dominate. Short-sightedly, they are therefore called “talents”, as they seem to do much “better” than the retarded devlopers. In fact, however, the accelerated devs usually win without the need to fight, without the need to grow, without the need to become more skillful, and without the need to improve their efficiency, not talking about improving their physique.

Accelerated developers can become successful in the long run, if their coaches give them time to develop, and push them to do their homework. It is the coaches’ responsibility to leave no doubt, that their physical advantage is only for a short period of two or three years.

The wake up call usually comes, when the retarded developers have caught up, which is usually the case when they are roughly 18 to 21 years old. All these years, the physically slower developing youngsters had to do a lot work to become at least a little better, they had to learn to fight like lions, and all of that improving has shaped them into true athletes. Mother nature has taken care of the physical development, now they former retarded developers are strong in body and in mind, and usually quickly ahead of all former accelerated developers.

For me, the reason why more retarded developers make it to the top while many accelerated developers, so called “talents” do not, is the fact that retarded devs have to learn to fail, despite them giving their very best. Their ability to fail is their key to success.

Consistently, these slow developers shape their skills, learn to fight, fail a thousand times and get back on their feet just to fail another time, until they finally succeed. Their consistency pays off for the rest of their lives.


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