The High Performance Coaching Deal (limited availability)

1.999,00  incl. VAT / month and a 100,00  sign-up fee

The elite level rowing program

Remote and personal on-site Coaching at our base
Intended for peak performance development with strategic goals.



Intended for peak performance development with strategic goals
What you get is in depth professional and personal coaching, worth every cent you spend, and the commitment, that your goal becomes our goal, as we put our name at stake.
If you are willing to put in the effort and the trust, we are willing to invest our time, our energy, our resources, our know-how, our experience and our reputation, to help you reach your greatest goal in rowing.

# Individual written training plan – adaptions whenever needed
# On-Site coaching at our base with the high performance team
# Personal Skype/Phone-Feedback sessions Video analysis of your Biorower or water training – up to 3 times per week
# Prime Threema Messenger support
# Phone support
# On-site coaching at our base: up to 3 times per week

# Pausing the deal during illness or injury: possible, once for up to 6 months
# Minimum subscription time: 6 months
# One-time subscription fee: 100,- EUR

# Additional consultation sessions via Skype: 50,- EUR
# Additional Video-Analysis Sessions (send back video with voice over): 50,- EUR


(c) Peter Zwölfer

(c) Peter Zwölfer

I beleive in a stable and gradual build-up of athletes.
This makes them far less suceptive to sickness or injuries.

Proceeding calmly allows to do work loads on a frequent basis, other athletes cannot endure even for a week.
Aram Lemmerer

The right choice for you, if…

…you dare to dream big, and want professional help to achieve your goal.

Goals we have already helped to achieve:

  • Qualifying for the Olympic Games
  • Qualifying for World Championships
  • Making the National Team
  • Medalling at National Chmpionships (U23 / Elite-Level / Masters)
  • Medalling at Masters Championships
  • Stratetig and long-term Junior-to-Elite build-up program

Important Note:
As I take my athletes and their missions serious, I can only work with a limited number of people every year.
Please contact us as early as possible, to secure your spot on the team.

This is what you get:

# Individual long term development coaching based on your personal current standing, including frequent adaptions according to your feedback and your development

# Comprehensive injury avoiding and injury preventing training principles

# Comprehensive and inter-coordinated training, consisting of

  • individual cardiovascular development
  • race distance dedicated weight training
  • comprehensive core stability training
  • individually adapted and team boat compatible rowing technique coaching
  • all season integrated mental training
  • injury preventing specific warm-up procedures

# Optional personal coaching in Vienna/Austria

# Frequent Video and Telephone calls to check your status, get your feedback and adapt your training plan according to your actual development

# Frequent video analysis of your water and Biorower training

The most important aspect is the fact that you have set a goal for yourself, and that you are dedicated to achieve it.
We function as experienced guides on your individual way to success.
Aram Lemmerer

In Detail

# Step 1: Evaluating what you have done up to now. Send us your athletic background.

If we know where you are now, we understand how you will get where you want to go. The perfect training plan for you and the methods used to make you reach your goal, largely depend on the way you have trained before.

  • Do you have a crazy work schedule? The training plan must be adapted in order to avoid physical over load.
  • Do you have a family you want to spend time with?
  • Is there a different commitment you just cannot give up? Don’t worry. We will find a way.

“Training is not about destroying your body.
Good training is about teaching your body to economize and adapt to your future level of performance.
Bit by bit, and step by step.
It is the consistency and the intelligent, individual build-up which creates the success everybody wants, but only very few achieve.”

Aram Lemmerer

# Step 2: Setting the goal

Before we start it is important to know exactly what it is that you plan to achieve. Where do you want to go to within the next 12 months? Where do you want to be in 2 years? What is the available amount of time you can spend for your sport? Are you a frequent business traveler? Do you have a 9-5 office job or do you have irregular work schedules? Are you free to spend as much time as you want for training? Quite often training integrates well into a packed daily schedule. Intensities and easy weeks are usually planned around your business and private schedules.

# Step 3: Kick-off weekend

The year for you starts with a kick-off weekend in Vienna, Austria. This is a lot about getting to know the exercises, the routines and your rowing technique.

# Step 4: Developing your individual longterm and short term trainingplan

Now we know where you are, where you want to go and which fields we must put our focus on. This step is all about developing your personal training plan, and adapting it according to your individual development and needs in the weeks and months to come.

# Step 5: Remote feedback and support once a week

After the kick-off week it is time to transfer the insights gained into your daily training routine at home. Weekly conversations, video analysis, reviews and feedback help you to follow through.

# Step 6: Optional meet-back sessions in Vienna

Every 6 weeks we have an optional meet-back session in Vienna. There, you will train as a part of Team BIOROWER and profit from a highly professional training back-ground with individual feedback.

This is where we intensively work on technique, mental strenght integration and review how the training plan works for you.