Video analysis of your rowing

99,00  incl. VAT

Get professional video analysis of your rowing.
Send us your video, we analyze it, and discuss it together with you in a video call.



Key of this service is the analysis of your rowing in a video call session.
This means that we take the time to sit down, and analyse your video first.
Then we arrange for a date to talk by video call.
This is where we go through all the issues we found, and we give you tips and insights about the things we recommend to change. The video call will take roughly 20 – 30 minutes.


Our clients book this service to improve as teams and as individuals.

This is, how the entire process works

  1. Order your session online
  2. Get someone to take a video of your rowing
    1. We recommend an angle, which is almost 90° to your boat,
    2. do not film against the light, and
    3. please make sure that we can see your entire boat, and that it fills the screen,
    4. and that your video is not shaky
  3. Send us your video by we-transfer to
  4. We will contact you to arrange a date for a joint video call where we analyse your rowing