The Professional Package

Your personal schedule, your development, your status changes every week – so does your training plan, weekly phone calls, we monitor your development closely, so that you do not get into overtraining

The Professional Package includes up to 10 planned training sessions per week, which are all planned around your personal schedule up to on a weekly basis. The plan includes weekly phone calls, up to 52 video analsis services per year and up to weekly live remote training sessions. Members of the Professional Deal Program receive 50% discount on aramtraining events and 20% on additional video analysis services. 

  • Up to weekly training plan updates
  • Up to 10 training sesions planned precisely around your personal schedule - on a weekly basis
  • up to 52 video analysis services per year included
  • Includes up weekly live remote training sessions per year
  • Unlimited peaks of season
  • Weekly phone calls
  • 50% discount on aramtraining events
  • 300 start phase charge
  • 4 months min. duration
$ 1.439
  • 300 start phase charge
  • 4 months min. duration

Why is there a program start phase charge?

During the first two weeks of training, it is important to understand how to do the training, more specifically: how to hit the right intensities, how to do the weight training, where to find the mobility and core workouts. During the first 14 days, we spend a lot of effort to make sure that you get the best out of you training program. This requires a lot of extra time, which is, to a large extent, an investment from us in your success, and, to a small extent, covered by the start phase charge. It is only charged once at the beginning of our journey.

How often do I get an updated training plan?

Up to every week.

What if I have questions after the start phase?

You have full e-mail and messenger support. Please send us a quick message and we will respond as quickly as possible. Additionally, you have weekly phone calls included in your package.

Can I upgrade my program along the way?

Yes. An upgrade is always possible.

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