Tec7 X-Tack extreme black


This is the best solution for permanent fitting we have found so far. Tec7’s X-Tack creates an initial adhesion of 22kg per cm², which makes it almost obsolete to use tape to keep the Randallfoils in place with most blade shapes. The only exception may be Concept2’s vortex edged blades with their down bent towards the outside edge of the blade.
X-Tack is a polymer adhesive, which means that every molecule bonds on multiple sides instead of just on one side.
While it is exceptionally strong, it remains elastic and therefore it compensates for temperature changes.

How to use it: Tec7’s X-Tack needs 2-3 mm of adhesive thickness to create a massive bond. So, do not press the blade deep into the Randallfoil’s grove, but make sure that you keep enough of X-Tack between the foil and the blade.

How much will you need? One cartridge is sufficient for:

  • 2 eights
  • 2 quadrupple sculls
  • 4 fours
  • 4 double sculls
  • 8 single sculls

Heads up! You will need a strong cartridge gun to use X-Tack. A power ratio of 1:18 is required in order to avoid sore hands.

You can easily clean off excess of adhesive with the Tec7 cleaner.

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