Randall Foils (set for stroke + bow side)

100,00  incl. VAT

Delivery time: 5-7 days

Legal in all FISA races, approved by Henley Royal Regatta.

The new Randall Foils are now available in Europe and North America.

Users report up to 5% increase in boat speed.

Fits all common rowing blades of sculling and sweep oars.




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Their overall concept is to help stabilize the blades at the catch quicker. Basically, they prevent the oar from going to deep during the first part of the drive, which makes it possible to “anchor” the blade at an earlier stage of the stroke. The result is a quicker connection at the catch and therfore a higher overall boat speed.

The London based scientist Dr. Kleshnev has conducted tests and concluded increased boat speeds of up to 5%.

One set of Randallfoils includes one foil for the left and one foil for the right oar.

The same Randallfoils fit on sculling oars and sweep oars, and fit all 

For testing, the foils can be fitted temporarily with double sided adhesive, for permanent mounting Ian Randall (the Inventor) recommends epoxy glue.

Fitting and pitching instructions

Interesting documents about the Randall Foils