Individual Rowing Training Programs

Sooner or later, everybody reaches the point where “a training plan” will not help to advance anymore.
The only solution is a custom made training program.

Training Programs and Technique-Support for
Colleges, University Crews, Clubs and Schools

When the season counts, going pro is the only option.

This service is tailor made to support coaches with their overall planning, detailed planning, individual monitoring of all athletes and decision making. Instead of working directly with athletes, we work with head coaches, assistant coaches and complementary coaches such as on-site weightlifting coaches or physio therapists. 

Our main approach is to differentiate between fast twitch and slow twitch ahletes, to differentiate between athletes who already have substantial endurance training background and those who do not, and to create custom made training plans for coherent groups of athletes while helping the on-site coaches with precise monitoring. The overall objective is to have everybody on the team be in peak-of-season shape when it matters, and not to lose anybody along the way because of overtraining or injury. The latter are two of the most common problems we see amongst teams, and hurt their crews’ overall performances massively. With the aramtraining team support, we make sure that your team’s training program helps you to develop every single athlete to their maximum potential. 

  • Annual training structure and segmented training strategy planning
  • Multiple individualized and highly differentiated training plans for explosive athletes, endurance athletes and athletes of various athletic backgrounds
  • Weekly adaptions of all training plans
  • Athletes monitoring support
  • Video Analysis Support
  • Up to bi-weekly video calls with your coaching team

We build up individual rowers and teams – on site and remotely. We work with Olympic Athletes, Masters, Juniors, U23s and beginners. 
Our main task is to write elaborate, highly individualized high performance training plans, tailor made to your needs and time budget, and to monitor your development precisely. It is easy to write “a training plan”. However, in reality things do not go according to plan. Private matters, business, university, family, illness, an injury – the reasons are countless. 

This is why our training plans are always tailormade to the individual person, and frequently adapted based on how you respond to the training. 

We work with teams and individual athletes of all age categories – Juniors, U23s, Olympic athletes and Masters rowers.

Our core principles:
# Absolutely individualized training planning, including important and well structured details such as strategic endurance development, specific core training, mobility training, strength training and mental training. 
# Your health is priority number 1.
#Clear cut focus on high performance
# Development takes structure, individualization, precise monitoring and time.

If we have the impression that a goal can only be achieved when risking injury, overtraining, or burnout – we will not proceed.

We don’t care about how old you are, how tall or how small you are, when you started to row or what other people consider to be “possible” for you.

If you bring your goal, your dedication and your resources, we bring the planning, the monitoring and the experience.

How remote training programs work

Upon start, we ask you very detailed questions about you, your rowing background, your training background in general, about your physiology and about your goals. Together with you, we create a highly personalized training plan, tailor made for you and your needs to develop to your maximum potential. Frequently, we check in with you and monitor your progress closely, and adapt all aspects of your program based on your personal development.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all plan that will get you to your goal.

Who do we work with?
Dedicated athletes of pretty much all age groups and skill levels. Juniors, U23s, Olympic Athletes, Masters, Collegiate Athletes,…
It does not matter if you just picked up rowing last year or if you are a seasoned athlete. What counts for us is your dedication and that you can specify a certain goal you want to reach within a clear cut time frame.

What are typical goals?

+ Improve your personal best (on the water or indoor)
+ Make the final or a medal at a big regatta
+ Make your comeback as a (masters-) athlete
+ Get a thorough physical build-up (to make it into a boat or team)
+ Overcome overtraining and make a come back (a classic)
+ Make the national team
+ Qualify for the Olympics

How to start your program

  1. Please fill out the program entry questionnaire and select your program.
  2. We will give you a call and ask more questions. 
  3. Then we sit down and write your first training plan.
  4. Before the start, we call you again and go through all the details, so that you know exactly what to do.
  5. After the first week of training, we call you again to check whether or not everything is clear and if not, to clarify.
  6. Depending on the program you choose, we are in contact every 4-6 weeks by e-mail or up to a couple times per week by phone or video chat.

What is the difference between the different training programs? Which one is the right one for me?

You are an experienced athlete, you only have one regatta to plan for and you are sure that an update every 4 – 6 weeks is enough, the basic plan will get the job perfectly done. It will be a rock solid guide through the entire year and will help you to prepare very well for your main event of the season.
However, the bigger your goal, the less time we have to achieve it, the more outside variables there are to be incorporated and therefore the more adaptions we need to make on the go, the more time we invest, and therefore the more expensive your program will be. The higher the cost of a coaching program, the more personal one-on-one time you get. This is why the top programs are limited to very few athletes per year.

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