I build up athletes and teams on a longterm basis – on site and remotely. 
My main task is to write elaborate, highly individualized high performance training plans, tailor made to your needs and time budget. 

I work with individual athletes of all age categories and entire teams – Juniors, U23s, Olympic candidates and Masters rowers.

My core principles:
# Absolutely individualized training planning, including important and well structured details such as strategic endurance development, specific core training, mobility training, strength training and mental training. 
# Your health is priority number 1.
#Clear cut focus on high performance
# Development takes structure, individualization, precise monitoring and time. If I have the impression that a goal can only be achieved if I risk injury or burnout of an athlete – I will not proceed.

I don’t care about how old you are, how tall or how small you are, when you started to row or what other people consider to be “possible” for you.

If you bring your goal, your dedication and your resources, we bring the planning, the monitoring and the experience.

If we work together, your goal becomes my and my team’s goal…

+ Improve your personal best
+ Medal at a major regatta
+ Get a thorough physical build-up
+ Make your comeback
+ Make the national team
+ Qualify for the Olympics

Are you ready?

Make the first step and get in contact with us today…

We call you back to learn more about where you presently are, and how you can achieve your goal.

Please let us know which country you are from, so we get the right country code when we call you back!


Winter Prep Deal

All coaching programs now available as 6-month packages

A lot of athletes are pretty much left to themselves over the winter. 
In an effort to change that, we now offer all coaching programs which usually have a 12-month min duration for 6 months without extra charge. Get a structure for your winter. Join TEAM ARAMTRAINING and prepare professionally for your water season 2020. 


Spring 2020

Get your technique right before the season starts

April 22 - 25, 2020 Vienna.Austria

Prepare for your season 2020

Register for the spring rowing camp 2020, in Vienna, Austria

Summer 2020

Speed & Technique Training Camp

August 25 - 28, 2020 Vienna.Austria

Plan ahead for 2020…

Join the summer training camp at the Vienna National Team training base.


It’s working GREAT! I feel strong and fast without being on the edge of overtraining.

Leon Jones, 
Masters Athlete (USA)

Aram is my mentor.
He showed me that things can be and must be done differently, if I want to excel…

Attila Lorincz,
Junior National Coach (HUN)

Outstanding, professional, and the most productive training program that I have ever experienced…

Lloyd E. Moulton, 
Masters Rower (USA)

He taught me absolute consistency for my way up. Of the many things I have learned from Aram, the most important lesson was never to lose my goal and to constantly walk towards it.

Jakob Zwölfer, 
World Cup Athlete (AUT)

It was amazing to experience the Olympic Games in Rio – a dream I never would have been able to reach without Aram and Biorower by my side.

Anna Malvina Svennung, 
Olympic Athlete (SWE)

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